Keep the CityWay Bison's Memory Alive

In January, the CityWay bison went missing with no ransom note to be found! He was due to be auctioned off this year with all proceeds going towards the Buckingham Foundation and their initiatives to fight childhood hunger. Since he is no longer around to be auctioned off, we need the City of Indianapolis’ help to continue our fight against hunger for Hoosiers across the state.

Want to help? Great! Head over to the Buckingham Foundation website and click the “DONATE” button to contribute. Just add “CityWay Bison” to the “Make My Gift in Honor Of” box so we know you’re still thinking about him. We’ll keep everyone updated on the total throughout the month, and at the end of February, we’ll announce the grand total on social media.

To date, Buckingham Foundation has raised over $2M to over 250 nonprofits in the state of Indiana. Help our CityWay bison keeps his legacy alive by donating today! In the meantime, if you do see him grazing around, you know where to find us so we can bring him home.

Let’s do this, Indiana!