Challenging Heights in Ghana

Buckingham Foundation recently made it’s first international grant to Challenging Heights in Ghana. Challenging Heights is working to rescue young children from child trafficking and slavery. Brad and Carol Chambers recently visited the region to see the hardships these families face first-hand. Having a family of their own, the realization of the risk these children are in left a lasting impact on them and furthered their need to help in any way they can for this organization. Buckingham Foundation’s grant to build the Buckingham House, made possible by the generosity of our donors, will help increase the capacity from 65 children annually rescued and rehabilitated to 110.

“Challenging Heights is a non-profit, non-governmental organization in Ghana that works to protect children’s rights and end child trafficking. Founded in 2005, their main efforts focus on addressing trafficking of children, who are forced to work in the fishing industry. The team works in under served coastal communities in Ghana, providing support to women and children in hard-to-reach areas that are at risk of child trafficking.”

As of June 2019, the foundation and framing has been completed on the Buckingham House seen here:



The Buckingham House is moving along quickly with an anticipated completion date of late August/early September. Because of heavy rains this season, the team is behind one week but anticipates the ability to make up for the delay. So far, the building is fully roofed and will be getting their doors installed soon completing the woodwork. Once the bathrooms and plumbing is complete, they will begin painting and furnishing the home while ensuring the house is safe. Here are updated photos of the home thanks to Jeff Boyd at Challenging Heights.